Mrs Rene Lang, 10th Owner Harare (Salisbury SR) Zimbabwe 1952

Owners of the Morris Minor Chassis M10228

1929 5th –10th July:  Manufactured by Morris Motors.

17th July:  Despatched from Cowley, Oxford, England.

Exported (direct to Southern Rhodesia) Zimbabwe.

ID Numbers: Chassis: M10228, Engine: 9668, Body: 10707

OWNERS (data provided by Central Vehicle Register Salisbury Rhodesia 17th March 1971, and the Log Book of Kitwe Northern Rhodesia.

1929    Was a Car Registration System operational at Umtali then?

1936    Registered U750.  Records show 1st owner, George Ward, c/o Hillside Golf Club, PO Box 469, (Umtali), Mutare (Southern Rhodesia) Zimbabwe.  George was the founder of Tanganda Tea Estates PLC.

1940    7th July: 2nd owner, Mary O’Gorman c/o Isolation (Ingutsheni) Hospital, Bulawayo S.R. (364 miles from Umtali).

1941    17th Dec: 3rd owner, Corporal Sydney John. Hammond SN 770457 – c/o 63 Married Quarters, RAF Cranborne, Bulawayo, S.R.

1942    26th Nov: 4th owner, Flight Sergeant William Owens SN 560841 -, c/o RAF Cranborne, Bulawayo, S. R.  Served in RAF from 19th Sept 1942 to 3rd Sept. 1944, died on RAF pension in 1980.

1943    30th June: 5th owner, Corporal Charles Edward Haines, SN 640521 c/o Belvedere RAF Salisbury (278 miles Northeast from Bulawayo).  Served from June 1940 and discharged on 31st Aug 1941. Last known address was Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire England. Since he owned the Morris in 1943 he must have owned the car after leaving service.

1944    23rd March: 6th owner, Flight Lt. Graham Willy Bates SN 774082 c/o RAF Belvedere, Salisbury. (Born 22nd Sept 1914 Johannesburg).  He served in RAF from June 1940-May 1941.  Last known address was Collingwood Farm, Concession, S. R.  Thus he too owned the car after leaving service.

1944    23rd Nov: 7th owner, Mary Sims, Hunyani, PO Glen Athol Estate, Banket, S. Rhodesia.

1945    7th March: 8th owner, Donald Lewis Mayor, Plot 1, Frazer Rd. Parktown, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia.

1946    24th April: 9th owner, Mrs Rene Lang, Parkview, PO Grand Hotel Salisbury S. Rhodesia. Here records are confusing, as Mrs Lang owned the car in 1949 as I have a photo of her daughter that she had the car in first quarter 1949.  Perhaps she recovered the car or the Central Vehicle Register in Harare is incorrect?

1948    14th July: 10th owner, Nicholas Johannes Oosterhuisen, Ngorp Farm, Headlands, S. Rhodesia.

1954    Registered NK3177. Kitwe Northern Rhodesia (Zambia by Mrs Rene Lang.  Crashed and abandoned in the same year at Garneton (Itimpi) 6 miles outside Kitwe.  Mrs Lang is the Grandmother of the England cricketer Jonathan Trott, a Ronderbosch boy of Cape Town, South Africa.  When I was a teenager Mrs. Lang was the lady at the door of Kitwe rock dance sessions at the church hall who attempted to keep us teenagers in some sort of order!

1970    June Peter W. Hills of 12 Lilongwe (was Stanley) Street Kitwe recovered the burnt out rusted and abused wreck from the bush.   It was partially restored in Zambia, air freighted in bits to UK in March 1984 and by 1992 restored to concours condition.

1992   Registered as DS9936 (a UK age related plate) 11th owner, Peter William Hills restored at Meadow House Ashton-Hayes, Chester.  In 1992 it won best vintage car in its class at the Morris Register National Rally and several subsequent awards. From 2011 the car is based at Putney, London England and is Peter and Sandy’s only transport when we are there!

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